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Lisa Stukley

Lisa Stukley

Litigation Executive (Technical Complex)

Tell us why you chose JBL?

I came here while I was at university and on a temporary basis and 7 years later am still here. I was offered a permanent position after the temporary one had ended.

What were your first impressions of the firm when you joined?

It was quite a small structure when I started, there were only about 15 people in total that worked here. It was a nice friendly atmosphere and it still is today. 

What was your first role with JBL?

I started as a Litigation Assistant working for Jonathan Leitch and Mark Scarisbrick, I was quickly promoted to Paralegal and then Litigation Executive.

What are your thoughts on the culture of JBL?

Work hard and play hard, I know this sounds like a cliché, however it really is like that here. A quote that springs to mind is “Things that you work hardest for are the things that reward you the most”. The business really does know what everyone is doing and everyone has the opportunity to succeed. 

What challenges have you faced and how has the firm supported you through them?

I came from a non-contentious background and coming here doing litigation was a challenge. I was really encouraged to develop these skills and working very closely with Jonathan and Mark at the beginning gave me that opportunity. The resources available to learn are accessible and the open door policy helps. There is always someone available to ask questions and discuss the best approach to take on unfamiliar situations. It’s great that you can speak to anyone at any level within the firm. 

How are you planning to contribute to the success of JBL in the future?

Building my knowledge further is important and completing my CILEx qualifications. I want to take on more complex matters and share my skills with younger less experienced members of the team.

If you were to recommend JBL as an employer, how would you describe them?

There is a genuinely friendly atmosphere and the firm can give you the opportunity to realise your potential and make you an expert in this niche area of law. 

What about Liverpool as a location?

This is a great location, near to all the best shops bars and restaurants. The office we work in is well kept and has great facilities, it provides a comfortable and modern environment which really makes a difference. 

Andrew Brabander

Andrew Brabander

Legal Cashier (Business Support Path)

Tell us why you joined JB Leitch?

I previously worked in the retail industry and I was looking for a change of career. I liked the idea of working in an office-based environment.

During the interview I was told that the firm was experiencing fast growth and expansion, there would be lots of opportunities to progress and all this made me feel JB Leitch was a firm I wanted to part of.

What were your first impressions of the firm when you joined?

Everyone around me was, and still is, really friendly and approachable, they were all genuine and hardworking and I found that very inspiring.

Talk about your time here, what challenges did you face and how were they overcome?

I have changed a lot as a person, I was quite task focused at the start and this restricted my abilities, I have learned over time to be able to communicate better with those around me and prioritise my work load. Working at JB Leitch has really helped me develop my career and made me more rounded as a person too.

What are your thoughts on the culture of JB Leitch?

It’s a fair place to work and everyone really has an opportunity if they want it, you’re really encouraged to develop and grow. JB Leitch is very friendly and there’s lots going on outside of work too so you can really get to know your colleagues.

How are things going in your current role?

I started off in a Legal Assistant role and am now working in the Accounts department. I have progressed from Client Payment Officer to Trainee Legal Cashier and now Legal Cashier.

I received plenty of encouragement and support from my line manager to move from the legal side of the business into the Accounts Team. I was never held back.

I am in a good position in my current team. I can learn from more experienced staff and I also have the opportunity to mentor less experienced members of the team, which is a really good balance and helps with my development.

What about support for qualifications?

I am currently doing my Association of Accounts Technicians (AAT) Level 2 and the firm has supported me with this including study support and if I need it leave for exam preparation and attendance.

It’s great that the firm recognises that doing these types of qualifications will not only benefit me in my chosen career path but is also a valuable investment for the firm in the future.

Work hard and play hard. There are rewards with out of work social activities.

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